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Identify lifestyle trends to improve upon and build a healthier condition through Bear Cognition’s wellness application. With a focus on stress management and maximizing cognitive capabilities, Bear Cognition’s Human Performance platforms layer data to identify problematic patterns and summarize solutions to understand and optimize overall wellness.

Rewrite your playbook through the power of data-fueled insights. By merging multiple data sets into one report, coaches and trainers are able to identify player performance and team dynamics that go unseen in everyday observation. Subjective athlete input combined with hard hitting data provide a wholistic and readily available performance report via our athlete management system.

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Keep players on the field and off the bench with cutting edge injury prevention technology. Using biometrics alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning, Bear Cognition is able to identify correlations across data sets to avoid pitfalls before you hit them. Advanced wearables alongside daily subjective inputs track overall wellness and vital improvements during rehabilitation to reduce recovery time.

Get a grasp over the factors impacting your corporate culture and employee wellness to maintain a healthy competitive workforce. Tracking stress management, nutrition and employee activity, Bear Cognition is able to provide unseen insights into your teams performance with the information you need to better manage, train and support your employees.

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Physical and Cognitive Wellness
Trainging & Skill Development
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Workforce Productivity Enhancement
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Pull in all the data across your business silos into one easy to navigate and reliable platform. Bear Cognition’s software ingests, interprets and summarizes the overall health of your business calling out pain points while highlighting successes. With advanced monitoring and reporting tools, make informed data driven decisions knowing what marketing campaigns actually reach and engage with your customers. Bear Cognition provides as real time understanding what factors most impact your bottom line and how to optimize them to strengthen it.

Business Management


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